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Checkin SociMasters - Case Studies

Hey, it’s Alicia here one last time, along with Lorette, Ivana and Mitali

As you’re already aware, CheckIn SociMasters is the fastest and simplest way to generate recurring, passive monthly payments from local restaurant owners, with just a 20 minute setup.

But just imagine how much easier it would be if you had, at your fingertips, 5 step-by-step case studies, each one demonstrating the power of CheckIns, with all the data behind it?

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Not only that, each case study shows you exactly how we landed the client, created their checkins, and generated recurring payments using Checkin SociMasters - perfect for speeding up your own learning!

How Do Case Studies Benefit You?


Instant Credibility With Clients

Use these video case studies to showcase to your new clients the power of FB Checkins, and what it can do for their business


Superfast Learning:

You will pick things up faster by watching, rather than reading and make zero mistakes when you can literally just follow along


Great Advertising Tools

Use these video case studies as promotional material (on your website, on social media…wherever you want!)

5 Hot-Of-The-Press,

PROVEN Case Studies


5 case studies of actual businesses that we’ve worked with, and the results they are getting from the Checkin program - perfect for giving you instant credibility in front of new clients, and positioning yourself as the expert.

What It Costs For Over-The Shoulder Training?


Watch us create 5 x monthly recurring restaurant clients in person

= $997


Create and design converting campaigns, images, optimization tactics etc.

= $370

Total Value = $1,367

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CheckIn SociMasters Case Studies

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​Just showcase these case studies to new clients, whether in person, or via email / social media - this is genuinely the easiest way to demonstrate the power and value of FB Checkins to restaurant owners!

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3 Extra Case Studies


As a bonus, we've included another three individual video case studies.

Each case study comes complete with the exact CheckIn Campaigns we used, images, text, audience targeting, client getting emails etc...

These bonus case studies alone are worth $820, but they're yours for FREE today!

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